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Truss & Component -Dia- 12” Teeth-40T Kerf mm -.142” Plate mm-.091”

All of Populars’ truss blades are manufactured with a thicker plate for smoother and straighter cuts every time. These blades come with standard tapered mounting holes to fit 5/16” bolt with 82 degree tapering, except TRDS1640, TRDS2260N, and TRK1740N which fits a 1/4” bolt. Size of mounting holes may vary on the open side due to the thickness of saw plates. All truss blades have 10 degree hook angle.
  • DIAMETER / Design

    40T /

  • KERF mm / Plate / Bore& Pinhole mm

    .091” / .091” / 7/8”
$158.75 Regular Price
$127.00Sale Price